Ecolunch happens every Friday at noon during the semester. Ecolunch was created to provide a casual venue where graduate students can informally present their research to a friendly audience of their peers.  This means a variety of presentations are appropriate for this forum.  You may present anything ranging from summaries of unanalyzed data to formal powerpoint presentations that you would like to practice for a professional presentation.  You may use this venue to kick around research ideas or get advice about the most appropriate way to analyze or summarize your data.  Ecolunch can be a casual roundtable discussion or a formal practice talk environment.  Use Ecolunch to get advice from your peers, to practice your pre-project presentation or to introduce your peers to your thesis research.

NOTE: Ecolunch is EcoFriendly!  Bring your own cup and plate with you so that we don’t have to contribute  to landfill waste by using paper products.

Often, skill based seminars are given, and we will post slides or notes from those presentations here.

Ecolunch Schedule Spring Semester 2013:

1/11/2013 – Ecology Center Paper Discussion – Dr. Joshua Schimel
1/18/2013 –
1/25/2013 – Ed Redd Campaign – Air Quality in Cache Valley
2/1/2013 –
2/8/2013 – Ecology Center Paper Discussion – Dr. James Estes
2/15/2013 –
3/1/2013 –
3/8/2013 – Spring Break – No Ecolunch!

Fall Semester 2012 Presentations:

Generalized Random Tessellation Stratified Sampling in R – Avery Cook

Online Presence as a Grad Student – Sarah Supp


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