About Us

The mission of the Quinney College of Natural Resource’s Graduate Student Council is to improve communication within the graduate student body, between graduate students and undergraduates within the college, and between graduate students and the faculty and administration in the College of Natural Resources.  The GSC shall facilitate graduate student education through student-led mentoring programs, meetings and seminars.  Finally the GSC shall advocate and lobby on behalf of the graduate students in the College of Natural Resources to the faculty and administration of the college, and when appropriate, to the Utah State University administration.

Currently, the GSC sponsors a year-long, in-house, graduate student seminar series called Ecolunch.  We also sponsor at least one yearly fundraiser for the college of natural resources medical emergency  fund, as well hosting college wide social events.

If you are interested in serving on this council, have suggestions or ideas you want to raise or have concerns that need to be addressed, please contact one of the GSC representatives from your department.  You are also welcome to come to one of the council meetings.  Please contact Marcella Campione (marcella.campione@aggiemail.usu.edu)  for the date of the next GSC meeting.

Files for QCNR GSC officers



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